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Scanning and Uploading Pictures


1) The goal is to keep the file size of the scanned in picture small while preserving the quality of the photograph. Most of the pictures I've scanned in (after experimenting with settings) are between 20K and 60K (K = Kilobytes). For a quick explanation on Kilobytes, CLICK HERE.

2) Save your images as JPEG images (the filename should have the extension .jpg).

3) You may be tempted to hike-up the output resolution, but leave it around 75, 100, or 150 max. If you raise this resolution you will increase the file size, but the visable quality on a computer monitor will not improve much.

4) Try to keep most of your pictures between 320x240 and 640x480 in pixel size (some scanners call this the output dimensions).

5) Practice scanning in a few pictures. Play around with the settings in the scanning software until you get your images between 20K and 60K.


Uploading pictures is not hard, but I intend to make it even easier by building in a file transfer utility into this website. In the internet world, we call this utility, "FTP", which stands for File Transfer Protocol. There are a number of great FTP programs out there you can buy and/or download. Personally, I use a program called BulletProof FTP. But you don't need a separate program, below are some simple instructions for uploading to the website using only the FTP utility within your web browser. Before you can upload pictures you need a special FTP login and password (different from the login and password to get onto the site). You can get an FTP login and password by emailing me at

1) Open your favorite web browser (Netscape, Internet Explorer, whatever...)

2) Instead of http:// at the beginning of the URL (web address), you will put ftp://

3) Go to

4) This should open for you, in your browser window, a view of all the sub-folders within the pictures folder. You can then click into whichever folder you want to upload pictures. This is an actual view of the contents of the website on the actual web server. CAUTION: if you delete anything from this folder or any of its sub-folders, you delete it from the web!

5) Find, but don't open, your scanned-in JPEG pictures on your harddrive (you can do this by double-clicking on your My Computer icon).

6) Select the filenames of the pictures you want to upload, then copy & paste them into the folder you selected on the web server.

7) Your pictures should now be available to view on from the web page. You may have to refresh the web page by hitting your F5 button.

If you try this method to upload pictures but it doesn't work, email me at